Let's walk down this road together

Long Way Radio 

"If we can learn how to be in places that are decidedly unfamiliar and unnatural to us, I think it gives us a really powerful sense of belonging."


- Jack Fisher

Host/Producer of Long Way Radio

Till we are vulnerable, and free


"Well done...That was all you, I wasn't on the controls."


- Marici Reid

To marvel at our circumstances

After the Fire

"Everybody who works for this company is from this area. The Gorge means a lot to us personally. So to make the general public aware of what this fire did to a place as special as the Gorge is almost cathartic for us as a company, as pilots."

- Brian Burk

Pilot for Envi Adventures

And, with a willing sense of sacrifice

Big Ben Donuts

"Life without a goal is nothing."


- Sami Hariri

May we extend such grace to our charges.

Urbanism Next

"How do we put technology in the service of the public good?"


- Jeff Tumlin

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Woo! You made it to the end!

Hi there , fellow traveler! My name is Jeff Collet

Storytelling is what I do, but really I prefer to think of myself as more of a puzzle-solver. I like to sit with a problem, deconstruct it and re-contextualize it. When I can understand a topic and demonstrate that understanding in an interesting way, I know that I have done my job.

My interests are many. My experiences are broad.

My tastes are always evolving, and I'm continually awed.


If you came to this section first, please scroll up and look at my selected work samples!

Perhaps you have a puzzle for me to solve? If you think I can help,

I'd love to hear from you!

EMAIL: jeffcollet88@gmail.com

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