Paul Revis (2018) 

Wide receiver Paul Revis is an all-time great football player at Western Oregon University, and before that at Scappoose High School. Now Paul is making a bid to play in the NFL. Many people will try to come up with quick and easy reasons to look the other way. But Paul doesn't give any space for doubt.


Reel (2018) 

Latest and greatest hits.


Glider (2017) 

A young pilot trains in a glider at Independence State Airport on a beautiful October afternoon.


Big Ben Donuts (2017) 

In 2014, Sami Hariri immigrated to the United States from Lebanon to help his son Mo Hariri open Big Ben Donuts in Milwaukie, Oregon. Sami has taken over nearly all of the day-to-day operation and management of the business In order to help his son pursue his goal of becoming a dentist — a commitment that has him often working 14 to 19 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week. Mo understands and deeply appreciates the sacrifices his father has made, but Sami is driven by an unflinching philosophy that makes it seem like no sacrifice at all.

After the Fire: Using 360 Video to Document the Effects of Wildfire (2018)

2018 University of Oregon Multimedia Journalism master's students are using 360 video to document the aftermath of the 2017 Eagle Creek fire.

Evelyn: PBOT Walkability Stories (2018)

This project was in conjunction with the Portland Bureau of Transportation to highlight stories regarding walkability issues in Portland as the agency updates its citywide pedestrian plan (PedPDX).


Floodplains: Preserving Ecosystems and Our Own Communities (2018)

Floods are a fact of the natural world. They are going to happen. Climate change models predict that stronger floods and more of them will happen in the years to come. This is a primer for the basics of how floods occur, the natural systems that respond to floods, and how the built environment can often make the devastation of floods on communities worse than they otherwise would be.

Beautiful People (2017)

Every spring, a passionate group of students at Western Oregon University produces and participates in the Annual Drag Show. The performance is a slight departure from the pageant/variety show setup of typical drag events; instead centering around a linear narrative concept told through choreographed dance numbers. For two and a half months, prior to the performance, participants commit to a grueling seven day-a-week rehearsal schedule while balancing their responsibilities as students, employees, family members, partners, and more. As of 2017, the all student run production has been on Western's campus for 21 years, and continues to be one of the most anticipated events of the school year. This mini-doc follows the 2016 production of "Pirates of the Queeribean".